Monday, April 23, 2012

Chicken Pot Pie!!! FOR YOU AND BABY

This past weekend my husband made gluten free chicken potpie for he and I. Naturally, there were leftovers. I took a quick look throughthe ingredients and determined that my son has had all of these, great, he caneat our dinner! This was something that I particularly found great with makinghis own food, because he has had the spices, he has had this variety, and nowhe can eat big boy food… puree.

When I gave him the chicken pot pie, he thought it was great,he couldn’t get enough! So here is the recipe, make some for your family, andthem puree a serving or two for baby!

1 TBSP Canola Oil

1 TBSP Butter

1 Lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

¼ Lb sliced button mushrooms

2 TSP chopped thyme

1 Carrot, Chopped

1 Celery, sliced

1 onion, chopped

¼ cup ground rice (if making solely for baby you can usebaby rice cereal)

1 ½ cup chicken broth

1 cup whole milk

1 cup cooked rice

¼ shredded parmesan cheese

½ TSP paprika

½ cup frozen peas

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Lightly oil a 9” pie dish.

Heat oil and butter in a skillet, add chicken and cook untilno longer pink. Add mushrooms, 1 TSP of the thyme, carrots, celery, onions,(salt and pepper if using). Cook about 8 minutes. Add the ground rice and cookfor 1 minute while stirring. Add the brother and milk (or if only for baby usebreastmilk or formula). Bring to a simmer and simmer for 10 minutes. Meanwhile,combine the rice, cheese, paprika, 1 tsp of thyme. Stir peas into chicken,transfer to prepared dish. Scatter rice over the top, bake 30 minutes.

This is a great meal for your family. After we were doneeating, I scooped a few servings and put into a blender (you will need a littlebit more liquid, and I put in the extra rice in the blender as well to blend).Like I said, my son LOVED this!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Green For Breakfast

This week Spinach was on sale at Shop Rite 3 bags for $5! What a deal. Now in the past I have not had the greatest success with my son and spinach. He just is not really a fan. However, we eat a lot of spinach so I wanted to get him into eating it.

When I worked in NYC a friend and I used to go to a smoothie bar for breakfast or lunch, and she always
got Spinach. I thought it was weird, but decided I would try it. Turns out, it is really good! My husband who is Mr mom on Fridays said that he devoured it this morning. Here is what I did.

1 bag of spinach. Washed
2 bananas
1 cup of yogurt
A little bit of water or juice for liquid

The best part of this, no need to cook anything! Put the spinach into your blender and puree with the yogurt and liquid. Hold off on the banana. Puree the spinach, be patient. This may take a few minutes, but I swear it will puree. Once the spinach is pureed, then add the banana and puree.

Like I said, I know this sounds weird, but it is really good, sweet, and good for you!

So celebrate earth day by going green for breakfast! Enjoy!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kale, the Super Food!

I want to preface this post by saying that I do not think that parents who give their children jarred food are bad, nor do I think that jarred food is bad. In fact, when I am in a crunch, or when we are traveling, my son eats jarred food. This is just something I choose to do for my child, and enjoy it, and am sharing what I am doing with you.

So Kale, delicious, chewy, Kale! I made this, tasted it, and turned to my husband to inform him that he should expect this on some pasta at some point because it was just that good. It tastes like a Kale pesto, just to give you an idea. This is from Tyler Florence's book, some some variation to cater to my son's taste preferences.

This made 2 ice cube trays, and 2 jars of food for immediate consumption.

half pound of cleaned, and chopped green beans
2 sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced
8 kale leaves, washed, stemmed, and chopped
2 Cups of vegetable stock
6 Tbsp of Parmesan cheese
2 Tbsp of olive oil

Chop the green beans, slice the sweet potatoes, and chop the kale. Put all into a large pot.

Once all the vegetables are into the pot, add the stock and bring to a boil. I am not going to lie, this takes a few minutes to cook. You want to cook this down significantly until the kale is silky, the potatoes are cooked, and the green beans are cooked. This is what the progression looks like

Beginning to cook
Cooking down, but potatoes need more time

 Then place all the ingredients into the blender, add the Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Puree until desired consistency is reached. You HAVE to taste this. I am not going to lie, I ate 2 spoonfuls of this, and like I said, then shoved one into my husband's mouth.

My baby had this for lunch today and really enjoyed it! It feels really great being able to feed him these foods. Enjoy!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Smoothie for me, meal for him

I want to apologize in advance for the lack of photos here, my camera battery needed charging and I didn't get a chance to do so. So photos next time. I am feeling particularly tropical lately (hence the kiwis last week), maybe the winter put me in a summer beachy mood. I could 100% live on pineapple and be satisfied with life. In fact, when my husband and I started dating, instead of flowers he brought me pineapple. Every week. It was glorious! So now that my baby is almost 8 months old I figure his tiny digestive system can handle pineapple. I have also been trying to figure out a way for him to eat avocado, since he does not like them. So this is what was made for my son this week, it was so good that I poured myself a glass and drank some as a breakfast smoothie!

2 Bananas
1 Avocado
Half a Pineapple
1 Cup Whole Milk Organic Yogurt

Cut fruit, put into blender with yogurt and blend! You don't really taste the avocado, it is more of a thickener, but I really want to get it into my boy since it is such a super food. This made about 6 servings.

Speaking of super foods, tonight or tomorrow night I am going to make the boy Kale. Kale is the healthy of healthy. So stay tuned for Kale, Potato, and Green Beans (from Tyler Florence)!

Also, hello out there in Russia, Germany, and Israel!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fruit Salad and Savings!

One of the best ways to make homemade baby food affordable is to shop the circulars for “special” items, in addition to your household staples. In my house the staples are apples, bananas, pears, and plums. These are almost always on sale, and very cheap. So this week while checking out the circular I noticed Kiwis were on sale, 6 for $1.89!! That’s a steal. So I started try and think of what we use kiwi in and it is primarily fruit salad, so why not make my baby a fruit salad puree? Maybe I am jumping ahead to summer a bit; I like to think that year round I am on a beach somewhere. The great thing about this puree is that it is a not cook puree. I would not recommend giving baby this puree until they are comfortable eating solid foods, so not a first food.

Wash, Peel, and Chop 2 Pears

Wash, Peel, and Chop 2 Kiwis

Peel and Chop 1 Banana

Put into blender and puree!!! 

You could easily add other fruit to this, or even yogurt. You and baby could enjoy this, just add ice and yogurt and make a refreshing smoothie!

Just to fill you in on what some of the things I did with the Mint Pea Puree from last week, I gave it to my son as is, and another serving I mixed it with Quinoa (a grain, and it is gluten free for those of you that eat in a gluten free household ), and he devoured it!!! My husband and I signed up for our CSA last weekend, another great source for low cost, healthy, and local food! Our CSA cost a little over $400 and we get 22 weeks of fruits and vegetables. This is a great resource for saving money on baby food and for your entire family. For more information on locating your local CSA go to If you live in the Warwick Area I definitely recommend Rogowski Farms CSA.